Proof of Results

"We saw a distinct improvement in the preparation to move requirements toward delivery. After having assumed this responsibility from previous delivery leads, it was encouraging to have the level of professionalism, organization, coordination, and drive that she brought to the program."

Greg L. Williams, Jr.
Manager, Portfolio Management – Business Development

“Outside of outstanding project management of the Tax
and Appraisal division, Toshika has helped to develop
streamlined delivery methodology that allows us to
deliver projects on time, on budget and with an
application that our clients can use for business
operations. She created a project audit process that aids us in determining the project health and viability early to risks and issues that would compromise the project’s success. She has been invaluable to establishment and success of our A&T PMO.”

Jeff Henderson
Vice President, Implementation
Tyler Technologies

“As the executive sponsor of this project, I found Jasmine to be very knowledgeable and detailed oriented. I found her ability to manage the team to be extremely efficient and engaging. She has a command of
the subject matter and the ability to keep the project time on task and moving forward. I would recommend Jasmine for any opportunity that highlights the skills I have just mentioned and more. I found her to be
adaptable and flexible to all circumstances where corrective actions needed to be implemented with care for collaborative space and consideration for every member of the team. In addition, she is a positive influence, fun, and energetic about every aspect of her work. She was a joy to work with, and I will be requesting her for any other projects I have that require her expertise.”

Darmita G. Wilson
Vice President
Northern Light Medical Group

“Toshika has been critical to the success of the
OncoEMR implementation for Mercy Oncology. Without
her leadership, clinical expertise, and drive for
deliverables, we would not have been successful. Her
level of professionalism is unmatched.”

Wendy Napolitano
Vice President, Operations Performance
Northern Light Health


"Kudos to Jasmine Swanagan on your team. She has been very accommodating as we put a process in place for analytics supporting cardiovascular imaging with the NLH/Ascend partnership. Jasmine has held multiple meetings, edited documents, and created a RACI to help the team understand the scope and responsibilities before we close out this project. She's been efficient and fantastic to work with." 

 Erika Masterson
Director, Business Intelligence and Performance Reporting & Analytics Optum Insight